One year of Nushell

Nu is really about play. You play with your data, you play with the structures that make up your files and filesystem, you play with what web services give back to you. Everything about Nu is made to invite you to explore how things work and how data is put together. As you play, you learn more about Nu works and how to better use it. We firmly believe that learning doesn’t have to hurt. At its best, the pleasure of exploration over time yields expertise without punishing you along the way. Humans just get better at something when we love to pick it up day after day, experimenting as we go. With Nu, we can ask questions like “what if I do this?” because the system is built to let us ask the question and answer it ourselves.

Saw this quoted section via Twitter:

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@boris keeping up with these regular (near daily) technology scouting output is a rewarding challenge.
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I guess next time I find something I should post about it here too.

I can see how it is relevant to fission.

Once you setup WSL on windows, getting fission drive up is a breeze.

Nu features may be vary handy, and perhaps can be a way to ship whatever the dev/user needs.

I’ve been looking to deno for that

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