TrainJam 2023

Yeah, great ideas!

Also interested!

Hey Andrew, I have a “reserved” spot with your name on it via Jack :slight_smile: I’ll be in touch by email.

I just finished riding the Coast Starlight from San Francisco to Portland, and wanted to share a couple of observations.

The observation cars have nice large tables (four people, possibly more) for sitting around and chatting or playing a game. I’m planning to bring a Fluxx game, and I think Sushi Go may be coming on board as well.

The coffee on the train is not great. Probably worth bringing some beans and coffee making equipment. I’ll bring an AeroPress, and I think @boris may bring a french press. Hot water was available on the train.

The Amtrak site is a bit difficult to navigate for determining delays and estimated times of arrival. A fellow traveler introduced me to a site that pulls data from Amtrak and makes it easily digestible:

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Ha, I just found out there’s another TrainJam out there.

oh I’ve known about quite a few. Waterloo to Montreal corridor has done some!

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I went on that one a couple years ago, it was really nice. Met lots of interesting people aboard.

Strange Loop

My talk was originally at the same time as Douglas Creager’s and so I asked Alex to move it so I could attend and now we’re both one after the other ^^

I’d like to come if any rooms are left?

I DM’d you on Mastodon. I’ll do some research on more space available and get back to you!

On of the things I’m looking forward to me most if having an in-person rundown of your workflow during the ride. I’ll have LOVE2D installed on the thinkpad so I can experiment and try freewheeling for myself.

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Would anyone be opposed to a little #TrainJam documentary? I think it would be cool to film some folks, interior/exterior scenes and impressions of the event and projects to share afterward. If that’s not your jam, let’s talk about blurring you or otherwise keeping you anonymous.

It would be amazing to capture footage. There aren’t going to be a lot of group environments (the spaces are small) so definitely “with permission & consent” would be great.

Repo with details about the attendees :slight_smile:

I found a rather more deluxe train in Europe

Let me know if anyone wins the lottery and wants to take me!