Using Trello at FISSION

We use Trello for Kanban-style task tracking and prioritization. We believe that regardless of long term planning, work gets done on a day-by-day, week by week, bottom up cadence.

We use Trello so we can “work out loud”. Other people can see what our priorities are, what we’re working on, and what we’re completing.

Card ownership is indicated by adding members to the card.

We use a semi-weekly review cadence, and everyone grooms their own cards.

We DO @-mention if we need someone else to take a look.

We mostly DON’T duplicate GitHub Issues or Project boards except for a few more operations focused items.

Some people (like @boris) also use cards as a personal task log so the rest of the team can get insight into progress AND so that the individual can look back on their daily or weekly cadence of accomplishments. These types of cards usually go directly into In Progress or For Review.

List Titles

From left to right, the titles of each list (column) and their purpose.

Cards usually move left to right, or are parked back in Backlog, or are moved into For Discussion.


items to note that MIGHT get done in the future (when they get added to TO DO). Doesn’t need an owner. Not prioritized.

For Discussion

items that need a discussion, often to decide on if or how to move forward. Becomes the agenda for in person meetings, should always be reviewed when joint live review is being done. Goal is to get someone assigned, or to kick to Backlog or Archive.

To Do

items that do need doing. Should have an owner. Rough priority order.

For Review

For when things are completed. Reviewed weekly to acknowledge DONE and then moved to “Done”. Create follow up tasks — eg complete something, then create a new card to write a blog post about it, tweet about it, or some other sharing / marketing action.


Is usually the previous week’s worth of completed cards, moved there from For Review. Archived weekly.

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