Vancouver Highlights & Recommendations

@expede & @boris are based in #vancouver, and work out of a live/work space on East 6th at Main. The area is known as Mt. Pleasant.

Also other good local recommendations and geographically local suppliers / services we use.

Mt Pleasant Food & Drink

Thai Son Vietnamese

373 East Broadway

Cash Only - so not so great for a big office lunch

Dock Lunch


Cartems Donuts

Hime Sushi

Como Taperia

Cultivate Tea

Tea & Kombucha bar

Earnest Ice Cream

Quebec and 2nd

Elysian Coffee Roasters

Modus Coffee

Fable Diner

151 E Broadway, right at Broadway and Main.

Diner-style food, but with fresh local ingredients and twists. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Budgies Burritos


Brassneck Brewery

Just around the corner from the office on Main Street. Lots of interesting styles, fruits, dry hopping, and more.

Main Street Brewing

On East 7th on the other side of the office.

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Any ideas on a good place to have eggs with some meat at 5PM? :thinking: Looking for a place with decent ketogenic meals.

Fable Diner! I just filled in the details above.

I’ll think of some meaty places downtown :slight_smile:

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