Video at Fission for Events, Team, and More

A write up of some of the different video solutions we use or have tried.


We regularly have Zoom community calls of various kinds. We use Luma for registration.

We post follow up video recordings from Vimeo to a local #events post, and also embed into full blog post when / if we do a recap of a meeting.

We have installed the Zoom to Vimeo uploader. Needs to be installed per user / per Zoom account.


Fission internally usually has two video events every week.

One is the team catchup – the whole company gets together, talks about an agenda that we’ve gathered ahead of time, and “catches up”. This is done over Zoom. We sometimes record it, but not always. We use a companion Discord chat thread, because Zoom chat is terrible (and we live in Discord). We also ask someone to scribe / take notes to capture follow ups. And meme links.

Another is kind of unique. An asynchronous EngCast – the Engineer Podcast, where the engineering leads talk through prioritization and tasks for the team. This happens on Fridays, so that come Monday, team members in whatever time zone they are in, can watch the EngCast to get prepped for their week. This is done over Zoom, then saved in our Vimeo account, and shared privately.

We do occasional internal “Munch & Learns” using Zoom.

We have experimented with Gather as both a place to drop in to, and for post Zoom more casual hang outs.

Tools Used / Considered


  • multiple paid accounts across the company
  • can’t “re-use” the same person’s account at the same time – so have to be careful in who schedules what
  • occasionally upgrade one account for a month to add webinar / larger capacity
  • chat is terrible


  • rather than dump stuff to YouTube, want to have our own paid video storage / embed / streaming (and keeping it on Zoom isn’t useful)
  • let’s us do password protected / private video as needed
  • can embed or download video as needed with some of our branding, rather than send traffic to YouTube


  • have some stuff there, sometimes cross post videos from Vimeo
  • haven’t consistently built traffic or subscribers there


  • internal casual hang out / chat / coworking
  • external instance setup, but haven’t used it yet
  • participate in #pln “after parties” – like it!
  • haven’t really seen the need for a paid account


  • have experimented with it
  • really great editing tools
  • probably a good upgrade for those giving presentations most of the time – use it for presentations, quickly sharing images, and so on (all lacking in Zoom)
  • has a teams plan that looks interesting – “shared video library for team knowledge”
  • probably can’t replace Zoom, so an extra per user cost

Google Meetings

  • not really used – just not as reliable as Zoom for larger meetings
  • could probably switch to this for 1:1 meetings and reserve a couple of shared Zoom accounts (other than the no duplicate Zoom times)

Meet Coop

  • co-op meeting platform (yay!), powered by BigBlueButton (open source, yay!)
  • chat is way better than Zoom (this isn’t hard)
  • whiteboard, integrated presentations, wider feature set
  • across the team, extremely variable audio and video quality – not reliable
  • see the Greenlight demo
  • multi-user account might be a good fit for organizations