Webnative "Hello World" for November Swap

Noel De Martin and I were talking about doing simple “Hello World” examples for the different Zero Data protocols. The idea is:

  • keep it super bare bones (‘ugly’ is fine :slight_smile:)
  • no build systems
  • just the absolute minimum to implement a CRUD of todos.

He already made one for SOLID:

I will try doing one for remoteStorage. Would be great if anyone from the community can make one for Webnative.

The swap will likely be on Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

Noel De Martin finalized the Hello World for Solid and it looks gorgeous


Still looking for a volunteer to fork this and swap with webnative. We can collaborate :slight_smile:

The sharing public files or other demo work from @bgins is likely the best thing if you don’t want to use a build system.

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I ended up implementing this today.


I left the Solid terminology in this markdown Glossary for someone to replace with appropriate ones from Fission (perhaps lobby, webnative, the difference between using /private/Apps and /private)—maybe @bgins @icidasset @matheus23 @walkah @dholms would like to do it?

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I can take a look at this next week :eyes: