Work with Fission: Elm Developer with HTML/CSS Skills

We’re looking for someone with Elm skills to work on some small contract hourly work.

For now, the work would consist of working with a designer / illustrator with web page designs done in Figma, and implementing them in HTML/CSS and Elm.

This is a relatively junior position. Knowing how to use Git / Github, make PRs, and have a local Elm build environment are the basic requirements. Familiarity with Tailwind CSS would be helpful, but is easy to learn if you already know CSS.

Our company home page is implemented in Elm, and we have a few pages to add there. The home page code is available on Github so you can take a look at what you would be working with.

If that goes well, we have a few other standalone landing pages (that will likely inherit similar styling and design) that we’ll want to have implemented.

If the initial work goes well, we may have more front end contract work. As one example, our main application, Fission Drive, is written in Elm and uses the Fission SDK.

Thanks for everyone’s interest, we’ve filled this position for now! Send us a note on our support page if you’re interested in what other positions might be available.

Turns out AngelList doesn’t like posting these sorts of mini-jobs, so just get in touch through our chat and we can setup a call / email.