2022-06-09 Chad + Jess Meeting notes

  • discussed working on Sociotechnica.org. (feedback here →)

    • Danvers working on a doc to flesh out more on the Proposed Solution
    • Jess will work on one of the funded projects as an experiment
    • “Resourcing the Commons” the “resourcing” is intentional
      • Another aspect of “resourcing the commons” is providing a governance model. Different layers require different kinds of gov
  • IDEA: Apply Stewart Brand’s PACE Layers to the 7 layers of software:

    • Protocols
    • Languages
    • Libraries
    • Platforms
    • Products
    • Services
  • protocols are slow to change (languages too)

  • apps are fast changing, etc

  • What does David Vargas think of this approach? (As someone who has been collecting money on his own)

    • he is on the shortlist for a qualitative interview
    • can’t really speak to his opinion, but he has struggled, and it seems he doesn’t think it is possible for an OS dev to be funded
    • he is not opposed to OpenCollective, but he hasn’t seen the value yet
    • the lightbulb might go off if we had more funders
  • We need to publicize… need to blog…

Chad shared some OpenCollective learnings

  • Gather OpenCollective Learnings into a document @chadkoh
  • OpenSourceCollective is a large generalized collective on OpenCollective specializing in OS funding.
    • OSCollective is further to the right on the Wardley Map in terms of project stage of life
    • Nadia has a bunch of terms for these stages in _ Working in Public_… we should overlay these on a Wardley Map
  • OSC are funding things that are at a different stage of the open source. Fission is funding new ventures… we might be able to be a pipeline to OSC? Help devs get started and get to the requisite 100 stars etc to get into OSC?
  • create a summary document for our OpenCollective learning and strategy
    • we might be able to run this up against one of the OpenCollective people. Or OSCollective. Get some feedback from that group. Present our hypotheses to them to see if they know of failed approaches in the past.

Organizing our OpenCollective

  • less collectives, more projects. Gather them in themes or areas
  • Themes for our Open Collective:
    • “Discourse For Biz” collective
    • a more general one, an OS Angel Collective to ratchet you up to getting into OSCollective
      • the Ycombinator analogy
    • Fission App: funding decentralized apps using Fission technology (eg grants)

Shared links

A couple of OCs to check out:

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This is all posted in the open. To wit:

Or not?

No need to clean up. Move forward. Document new stuff in the open. If there’s stuff you want to link to / refer to that’s currently private — feel free to move it. But otherwise we can iterate on organizing new info instead.

The Fiscal Host maybe, but it was meant as the long lived FOMO for how to run our Fiscal Host. Which is manual stuff / docs stuff rather than WG stuff. But perhaps the concepts get pretty merged going forward. There isn’t much there in any case because there wasn’t anyone other than me touching it so I didn’t do more documentation.