2022-06-23 Chad + Jess Meeting notes

Some of the things we talked about in this week’s catchup:

  • the overlapping patchwork of open source communities (plural!)
  • no single solution
  • anarcho-syndicalism
  • Fred Hampton: example of charismatic leader who can bring together a “Rainbow Coalition”
  • Boris “This is movement building”
  • historically it seems people are focused on a single small community, when we really need a “broad coalition”

We chatted about the Funding the Commons, and some of the people Jess will/might meet, eg:

  • Christine Peterson, who invented the term Open Source Software
  • Chad Fowler, who will be playing sax at a jazz club!
  • many, MANY more

David Vargas update:

  • Boris is all about maintaining and sustaining, but what we did with David was initiated a NEW open source library
  • getting something off the ground is different work, requires different resources
  • we need to get the words for the stages of a project from Nadia’s book…

Chad talked about the Playbook, which is pretty “pipeline” focused (getting from one stage to another), and about the marketing aspects:

  • crosspost all the updates to all the locations
  • drive traffic to OpenCollective: CTA is put money in the jar!
  • David is really good at the video updates… very cool example!

Jess mentioned some good examples of opensource people on social media:

:thinking::thinking::thinking: How do you use a channel well to generate buzz about your project? (Marketing Playbook)

And lastly, even tho we were already over time:

  • Chad just threw out the idea of Circular Economy
  • also, individual blogs and podcasts evolving into networks: you pay the network and funds distributed
  • partnership models like Deel customers putting discounts on the Perks page and generating transactions within the network between different companies
  • more to think about here