A half billion apps will be created. We need more software builders - Airtable

“The real computer revolution hasn’t happened yet.”

Those were the opening words of a presentation I used in 2012 to explain the idea that would become Airtable. We didn’t even have a name and computers were pretty much everywhere by then, so I’m lucky I wasn’t laughed out of the room.

But I still believe it. No matter how much technology has shaped our lives, the skills it takes to build software are still only available to a tiny fraction of people. When most of us face a problem that software can answer, we have to work around someone else’s idea of what the solution is. Imagine if more people had the tools to be software builders , not just software users .

The rest is of course a pitch for Airtable – but this is the same vision we have at Fission: empowering more people to build apps, host them so others can use them, remix them, and clone them.

And without being locked into a proprietary, centralized system. We have to build open source, and we have to build on specifications, protocols, and standards, so we can interoperate, have alternative implementations, and grow beyond the boundaries of any single organization.

I should put an Airtable integration on the roadmap :slight_smile:

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