A List of IPNS Resources

As per @dholms, I’ll post a bunch of IPNS resources & commentary below


(:point_up: very minimal)

Looks like you can set the TTL for IPNS records in the config (IPNS.RecordLifetime): https://github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/blob/master/docs/config.md

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Hmm that’s tricky though. It’s setting how long the value is cached for, which has the same trade-offs as DNS. I’m assuming (from other writers) that we’d need to rebroadcast after the TTL, which makes setting it low untenable. PubSub may be a good solution, but it’s experimental. 3Box has taken to running a separate server instead of using IPNS https://github.com/3box/3box-address-server

Yup looks like I had that a bit wrong. This describes the difference between TTL (experimental) and RecordLifetime. Also this seems to suggest that 24hr is the absolute max record lifetime.