Access to encrypt decrypt functions for Authenticated user

I am integrating OrbitDB into my WebNative App and files system.
For editing notes, I do not care to have full history in the file system, and would like to have a faster and more reliable CRDT based eventually consistent replication of hot data between my devices.
I’ve been using OrbitDB for this kind of synchronization but would like to take advantage of the WebNative setups encryption and decryption capabilities.

OrbitDB does not support encryption precisely because it then leaves it open for the user of the database to take care of that the way they see fit.

Fissions WebNative FS and UCAN handles encryption keys and does encryption already, all I would like to do is to call these.

did look at GitHub - local-first-web/auth: Decentralized authentication and authorization for team collaboration, using a secure chain of cryptological signatures. (Formerly known as 🌮 Taco.) per this post Encryption in the browser - #4 by rosano

I would prefer to stick with Fission’s UCAN and WNFS

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I was also wondering about this, so if it helps anyone I’ll paste @walkah’s message from Discord:

it’s not something we’ve explicitly exposed, no. But you should be able to make use of these to encrypt / decrypt data : webnative/basic.ts at 71317d24180179a72aae46fb54186bcaca266670 · fission-suite/webnative · GitHub