Account Coordinator: A Proposal for the Future of Wallets - Billy Rennekamp, Jan 2021

it got me thinking about what steps are actually needed to take us into a future where it’s safe and easy to interact with many interconnected blockchains. I propose a path forward that results in a separation of concerns and a new class of wallet, called an Account Coordinator.

To date we’ve seen a lot of wallet solutions that are trying to do many things at once. So far the list of responsibilities is still manageable, but as we move into a world where users will want to interact with many networks, the current architecture won’t scale. At a high level, the various responsibilities of a wallet include:

  • Private Key Management
  • Application Interface
  • Transaction Management

via @depatchedmode, I snipped a couple quotes from the top of the article, including the different things that we ask a “wallet” to do today.