Account Dashboard

This is the public page explaining what’s planned for the account dashboard (

Its Purpose

The dashboard will be a central spot where you manage your Fission platform account. It will also help you be safe and successful with the Fission platform by providing on-boarding and information for leveling up to becoming a Fission App developer.

At the moment you can use it to see what account you’re logged in with as well as resend the verification email, in case you need another.

What is Planned

The next steps with the dashboard are going to be:

  • Expanding functionality around account information, such as email address or verification status
  • Setting up account recovery, see our blog post about this for more information: Passwordless Account Recovery | Fission Data Security
  • Developer features like deployed fission apps and their domains
  • Manage lists of apps and linked devices

seems like the domain is down down

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Well that will teach me to publish before checking if the domain is mapped :wink:

And now the domain is mapped :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: