Address Management Canada = AdManCa

Considering setting up a group that may be Private (at least initially) to address the importance of proper Address data focused on:

  1. Address Acuracy (as defined and encouraged by Canada Post)
  2. Address Deliverability (incorporating open-source PlusCodes)
  3. Address Currency (privacy limited Confirmation of current Occupant)

( I am not sure how to make this Project private, yet. )

Hi @HansWobbe — welcome!

I guess you mean Google’s PlusCodes? Plus Codes — because What3Words is patented

What are you trying to build that needs this Address data?

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My apologies for a very delayed response. I had to travel unexpectedly, into areas with poor internet access. Between that and the difficulties of travelling in CoVid times, I am only now starting to catch up.

I do indeed mean Google’s PlusCodes which are openSource and are based on algorithms that work whilst offline, too. Thank you for mentioning what3words. I am familiar with their software and respect the success they have achieved with their approach of using three words to create mnemonics that make it easier to retain the underlying Latitude and Longitude information.

In the context of my intended use of Fission, my initial interest stems from being a very long-time TiddlyWiki user. (Jeremy Ruston can attest to that, if you need a reference, but the DataFix web site can speak for itself.). That interest is further heightened by the fact that DataFix is the dominant provider Electoral list management service for all three levels of Canadian Elections. Since eligibility to Vote is based on residence and electoral boundary maps, precise LatLon information is most important.

If you are concerned that we are trying to build a large database in Fission, I can assure you that is not the case. I was intending to make use of Fission’s Private capabilities and Jeremy’s TW support, to facilitate some design discussion for the Experimental Development work we do for Canadian government instituions that have a need for high quality Address information.

I expect our use to be relatively modest. In the event that we need more resources, I can assure you that we have our own production enviroments and, via TW, will be able to port-out of Fission whenev needed.


Not concerned at all! Feel free to use what you need and let me know how we can help. Fission is designed to have both a file system and database in one, that should scale up to very large use cases.

Looking forward to seeing you explore this further.

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry about this delayed response, but I’ve been preoccupied with some business pressures.