Allow Fission Live to be used by CI (OrbitDB Demo Assistance)


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We should allow the use case if people want to deploy to IPFS in the CI/CD pipelines.

The pipeline should generally work like:

apt-get install fission

# Fission login works off of env variables in this sense
fission login

npm run build:examples

fission up --subdomain "orbit-db-demo-1" --dir examples/demo1
fission up --subdomain "orbit-db-demo-2" --dir examples/demo2
fission up --subdomain "orbit-db-demo-3" --dir examples/demo3

User Impact

OrbitDB has 3 demo apps they publish to ipfs.
The problems with their current process are:

  1. It’s done manually
  2. They have to update links to these demos everytime because its base on the raw CID


For this to be possible we need:

  1. login credential overrides via CLI
  2. multiple subdomains per user
  3. new auth schema to be complete