Announcing Fission's Latest Developer Release: Optimus Prime

We're proud to announce the latest release of our command line tool for developer app publishing: Optimus Prime.

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This is huge, because Indiehub, once separated out from the
Indiehub-IndiWiki pilot, will enable Full Edge Developers,
more like early adopters of Fission,
if they so choose to use and support and on open Collective soon on Fission - Open Collective, to have their own extensible Tinkerable Wiki dedicated to their product, out of the box as a ready to go way of engaging in conversations with their own user base. This is real “Customer Tech” or Vendor Relationship Management as Doc Searls been writing about for so long.

Edge Users own all their contributions to the Webnative dedicated, zero friction, wiki as a forum and share them with the developer in their own terms.
Better still they can discover and connect with each other too, form their own emergent interest based webnative social networks.
A chance to re-imagine as a WebNative Fission App, Intead of Google rely on the Inter Planetary Commons, use IPFS-Search - Open Collective
and never again suffer the loss like Google+ was.

It is soo sad that I am still their own financial contributor for nearly 2 years.
Checkit out

I am piloting this with IndyWiki and hope to demo it next week.