App examples with EN-PT doc or interface

Following up what Boris and I discussed in our previous talk, I’ve start to search for some apps or app ideas to run on fission:

  • Pomello style app, very common practice for people who wants to stay focused in work;
  • MoneyLog: - I’ve already saw a moneylog in Elm, created by a friend of mine;
  • - maybe something like this would be fun;
  • Portfolio template - Here in Brazil is a very common practice to create a personal website, as project to understand another PL.

Just saw this one.

I loved it

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Flatris app running on fission:

Super cool! I just played for waaaaaay too long. Could be something to add a high score to / leaderboard. Leaderboard is going to be a little tricky, but would be neat to see.

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I’m a sucker for Kanban interfaces.

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Thats a very good idea, I’ll work on this leaderboard. Also I’m making the Portfolio/personal-app more generic for the video tutorial :smiley:

Week points (not counting tomorrow, date that I’ll post the tutorial video):

  • Would be nice an flights schedule app,;
  • The app with spotify integration, study viability for other apps-like;
  • Kanban app being remake;
  • Flatris done, next goal is the leaderboard;
  • Generic Portfolio done;
  • Pomello app, done but not online
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