Auth0/Netlify/Gatsby Cloud Extensions to allow developers to manage user files

Essentially building on our Heroku addon concept.


An Auth0 Extension, Netlify Addon, or Gatsby Cloud Integration that would allow app developers to upload and retrieve users files using the Fission IPFS service.

User Impact

People building apps need a way to store files. Particularly users who are leaning into static sites and / or serverless technologies.

Giving access to a drop in Fission add on could let them add the ability to add file storage as needed in a very low friction way. Lower than getting setup with s3.

Fission Impact

Two core beliefs guide this idea:

  1. The Fission framework, should be composable by default. Our users should be able to use as much or as little as they want, swapping out components as they see fit. For example they may want to use Auth0 over Fission auth.
  2. We should focus on providing value to a broad established audience where possible. These platforms have users, with needs we can fill. Win win :slight_smile:



Ensure that if users are googling “Storing files with [Netlify/Gatsby Cloud/Auth0]” we easily answer that question.

Simple Extension Libraries

Libraries that help users interact with the extension in its given context [Netlify/Gatsby Cloud/Auth0]

Abstracted Away Auth

The main purpose of these extensions is to give users a place to store their Fission credentials on a server outside of the browser in a way where they don’t manage the server. I.e. you should be able to drop in your Fission API key into the related admin panel and start allowing users to upload files.


  1. Limits and Paid tiers
  2. Multiple project id’s per account
  3. A fission control panel to retrieve API tokens (perhaps issue ones with certain permissions)

Future Considerations


A drop in javascript widget to help their users upload the files would be useful

Additional Framework integration

  1. Libraries for vue and react
  2. Libraries to help you save the CID into a database of your choice (FaunaDB)