Automatically pin locally

For reference, files would be locally on your machine and then also in the “hidden” folder where your IPFS repo is.

We should make all Fission interactions pin files locally, unless explicitly told not to pin.

There’s probably some discussion to be had about not duplicating files into the repo.

This is a good idea. This would make stuff on fission drive available when user is off line.

I would like to tell, here is a cid for something I just pinned on my machine,
please make sure that it is pinned on fission drive too.

Thanks again for posting and suggesting! Filed this as an issue:

Pinning or following the IPNS address of drive / an app, like /ipns/ may also be possible, so whenever your local IPFS node is online it syncs automatically.

I’m doing some research on our cluster approach right now, for distributing IPFS nodes geographically as we discussed in chat. A local / personal node should be able to participate as well.

I currently keep a folder for every different app / drives on my machine. This of course means that files are duplicated, since they are ALSO in the (hidden) IPFS repo. So I’m thinking about how to expose that more directly. That may look more like a FUSE approach, like

Orion has some intriguing settings:

  1. Filestore enabled: Allows files to be added without duplicating the space they take up on disk.
  2. Sharding enabled: Allows to create directories with unlimited number of entries

I would like to build (inter) Personal MindDrives around such a storage across users’s devices that would include something like in the cloud

The very act of saving any file there would carry bidirectional meaningful links to the context where any resource is referenced.

I built an exploratory system around Google Docs

and Drive 5 years ago.

Would like build all that on Web 3

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