Automerge: a new foundation for collaboration software

Local-first software is an effort to make collaboration software less dependent on cloud services, and Automerge is an open-source library for realising local-first software. In this talk I explain our motivation for creating Automerge, and map out 7 years worth of research projects that are feeding into this project.

Recording of a talk given at the University of Cambridge SRG Seminars on 25 Nov 2021.


Forgive my bluntness, but the syntax
Is actually a sort of contradiction of terms.
If it was auto merging, i wouldnā€™t need to manually call mergeā€¦ ; )

That said, it does look like a kick a$$ lib

We know the folks behind it pretty well. We have different needs for #dialog but it has great concepts in it.

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And it seems very well documented and rather matureā€¦ Iā€™ll need to try it out along side the bygonz development process!