BaaS Tradeoffs - using Hasura

Article is actually “How Hasura saved us $50,000” — goes through some very good assessments on typical Backend-as-a-Service trade offs.

the 2-pronged Faustian bargain most BaaS offer:

  1. Lock-in: most BaaS require adopting a certain data model, using a proprietary SDK, or some other form of lock-in.
  2. Long-term support: if the service shuts down, users may be left holding the bag.

With FISSION, we can mostly avoid both.

Also mentioned close to this quote is this Firebase vs GraphQL article

Since it was FOSS and self-hosted, we knew Hasura wasn’t as much a risk as a BaaS offering like Parse (or any of the other BaaS that’ve shuffled off this mortal coil over the past decade). Still: nothing’s free, so we figured the convenient abstractions Hasura offered would come with most of the same tradeoffs as a regular BaaS.

We’re happy to report that we were wrong. Here’s why.