Backup App stack

There are a number of choices to make around the Svelte app. @walkah and I discussed these this morning.


  • Svelte
  • Use Sapper? (yes)
    • Sapper will be replaced by SvelteKit when it is released
    • We don’t know a release date – probably in the next month or two
    • They claim the upgrade will be manual, but easy
    • Will check on routing in Sapper (need hash-based)
  • Use SvelteKit? (No, for now)
    • Live at the bleeding edge
    • But maybe a little too much?
      • SvelteKit is in a private repo
      • No one from the core team is discussing it in Svelte Discord
      • Lots of folks trying it, but things are breaking in unexpected ways for them
    • When will it be ready?
      • Not this week
      • When it’s done
  • UI framework


  • Hash-based routing
  • SPA routing might be ok if deep links are unimportant

Bundlers and build tools

  • Snowpack
  • Rollup or Webpack?

Typescript (should we use it?)

  • I would love to use it, types are always welcome in my book
  • Supported by Svelte now, but you need to decide when you start the project
  • Full support with SvelteKit
  • James and Brian: Yes, let’s use it
  • Let’s just use it because types are good!

Project templates

There will probably be other choices to make, but this should get us started for figuring out what to use.


This is great, thank you!

I think being on the new new of SvelteKit will line up with being an example of stuff that’s starting. Catch the wave. And especially TS support.

I understand there is potential pain here.

Tailwind is “just” CSS styling — there is likely a UI component stack to research here. That can be TBD.


The main post got edited, but we talked over again today and will just use regular Svelte / Sapper.

SvelteKit is being iterated in private, and we can’t even file issues against or help with issues we find.