Bill of Materials in TWOF for Editions

@Jermolene I took a look at the bill of materials file in TWOF:

Are these fetched / copied live from within TWOF on creation?

Do we want to fetch and checkin editions to Github directly? That’s what I was talking about with having a GH Action.

I guess the next step is to add at least one more Edition to see how that works. I’ll get to work on a basic one to see how that works.

No, because most of the wikis aren’t hosted on CORS-enabled servers, and so we can’t fetch them via xmlHttpRequest(). Instead, the build process fetches the editions, pumps them through Puppeteer to generate a screenshot.

Yes, we could check the editions into GitHub, and presumably we’d want to do that as a cache if we had lots of editions and the fetching process became too time consuming.

Great, ping if you hit any hurdles.

Hi @boris you can now trigger a build using the GitHub UI at Actions · Jermolene/tiddlywiki-on-fission · GitHub