Blink - MoSH and SSH client for iOS

Blink is a “desktop grade terminal” that is a MoSH and SSH client to connect to remote systems.

Blink is also open source licensed under GPLv3, source on Github:

The README has a ton of useful information, like the shell commands available:

Specifically, the commands available (as of now) are:

  • cd, setenv, ls, touch, cp, rm, ln, mv, mkdir, rmdir, df, du, chksum, chmod, chflags, >chgrp, stat, readlink, compress, uncompress, gzip, gunzip,
  • pwd, env, printenv, date, uname, id, groups, whoami, uptime
  • cat, grep, wc
  • curl (includes http, https, scp, sftp…), scp, sftp
  • tar
  • You can call commands individually, or use small scripts using python or lua. There is redirection (">", “<”, “&>” …), but no pipe.