Brave Compatibility

Had a back and forth with some Brave folks on their new ephemeral storage. Seems like they are open to hearing about compatibility issues to make webnative work in Brave.

Need to collect issues here and see if we can track down what fails / what sometimes fails. This is open to anyone – if you can write up browser / OS combinations and try 1) signing up to Fission 2) Logging in to Drive 3) Device linking on Brave with shields down.

We still want to know what is being blocked by shields up but those are also vectors that others will exploit, so we are unlikely to be able to change their mind.


Shields Up on Brave @gyuri-lajos, on Windows I think:

Windows 10 Pro N indeed

Test run on Ubuntu 18.04 with Brave (shields down) and linking to Firefox.

:white_check_mark: Sign up with Fission in Brave
:white_check_mark: Log into Drive
:white_check_mark: Link Firefox from Brave

Everything worked great!


I too have never had much trouble with Brave & webnative:

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 11.16.22 AM

Shields Up or Down? I’m happy if we can support Brave officially, we had previously seen reports all over the place.

:shield: up (all default settings, iirc)

I did a another run on Ubuntu 18.04 with Brave shields up and it all worked. Same steps as above.