Brooklyn Zelenka Talk Notes & Video, Feb 13th

Brooke @expede presented her Universal Hostless Substrate talk that she originally gave in Malmo, Sweden. This serves as a long term technical roadmap and vision for what Fission is building. Our recording didn’t work out so well, so going to embed the original talk slides and video here:

We did get some intros from other people that dialed in and introduced themselves, including:

Hello from Evan @rabble, founder of Planetary built on Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB), presenting later in the day.

Blaine @blaine in person in Fernie, building something similar to Fission around content addressing and distributed compute, presenting at the end of the day

John @maurelian_ from Ottawa, working on Ethereum smart contract security auditing at Consensys Diligence – and a lasagna. Working on auditing for an ERC1155 token, Uniswap-like exchange for it.

Ben Bollen @benjaminbollen dialing in from SF hotel, flying out to Denver (for EthDenver) shortly. Building Mosaic, a layer2 scaling solution for Ethereum. And an embeddable wallet for applications, built Pepo. Love Fission for breaking apart the video / data storage. More at OST.

Trevor O @trevoro joining in from Vancouver. Playing with a lot of concepts, hacking on building a package management proxy for Deno, using IPFS as the distribution and proxy layer. Deno, alternative JavaScript runtime, written in Rust, supports TypeScript out of the box. Basically a port of the #golang standard library to JS. Module imports are all by URL. Startup time is orders of magnitude faster than NodeJS. Designed with Lambda / serverless in mind.

We mentioned Begin, a serverless framework that makes AWS Lambda usable by Brian Leroux supporting Deno.

Here’s the video of intros: