Building a TiddlyWiki Edition

I found this page on Editions:

But it doesn’t tell me how to build one. Is there information somewhere on this @Jermolene?

These reference the contents of the “/editions” folder of the TW5 repo. You can build single-file wikis from the editions with tiddlywiki ./path/to/wiki --build index, or you can launch an interactive node session with tiddlywiki +plugins/tidldywiki/tiddlyweb +plugins/tiddlywiki/filesystem ./path/to/wiki --listen.

PREVIOUSLY, you could not pass in plugins on the command line, so the “Server Editions” were emtpy wikis with the correct syncadaptor plugins: tiddlyweb+filesystem, and then an “include” reference to the wiki that said Server Edition was launching. As mentioned, now that you can pass the required plugins to the server on the command line, this is no longer necesary, BUT “including” one wiki in another, with the ability to write back to the correct “Wiki Directory” depending on what you are editing in the “host” wiki is a very important concept. See the various config, include, etc options @ Files

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Ok, so to build an edition, examine the format of the editions:

Looking there, a tiddlywiki.Info file is needed at minimum, which is:

  • a description
  • plugins
  • themes
  • languages
  • some build commands

And then a tiddlers sub directory which can contain individual toddlers.

More info on

Ok, and this appears to describe this as well:

So, an edition is basically the non-single-file version of a wiki, which (can) get turned into a single file wiki.

Each folder (along w/ its corresponding built ‘index.html’) is an edition, but ‘edition’ & ‘wiki’ are almost interchangeable. The core docs say:

An edition consists of the TiddlyWiki core components along with plugins, documentation and sample content to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Note that editions should not be confused with the platforms on which TiddlyWiki runs (eg as a single HTML file vs. under Node.js)

For example, I would consider any 3rd party plugin that has a demo wiki as having an “edition” - Saq’s Streams, Evan’s Formulas &, my JsonMangler demo-wikis are good examples of 3rd party editions. (A common complaint among the community is that there are no easy way to find and then mix&match editions, no central ‘trusted’ library.)

Yes, I’m discovering that. I was going to suggest that people say where they have a URL representing their Edition, if they want it listed as an option to launch TWOF. It’s up to them to “update” whatever is at that URL.

I think mix & match is a slightly different problem, more related to plugins, although the overlap here is fuzzy.

My plan right now is to also put together a Fission edition, more like as an example of how to make editions and some non-core plugins included.

Do you have an edition you’d like to have included @joshuafontany?

The wiki’s highlighted in this tiddler on would be great examples to include as editions.
I especially like projectify as it contains a mature todo app and uses the beautiful notebook theme.

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Great, thanks for the suggestion @OdinJorna! I hadn’t seen that Community Editions page.

I’ve filed an issue and will reach out to Nicolas:

The notebook theme is great, I’m going to include it in the “Fission Edition” I’m getting started on.