Bygonz Architecture Feedback

As I am mid-design process with bygonz, i am calling for feedback from potential users and collaborators:

I am creating a webnative history tracking db system that fully leverages the ease and reliability of Dexie, and the decentralized sexiness of wnfs.

As of now, I managed a mvp for eventual consistency merging change data from multiple users. However, I have many questions about many of my design decisions. I also have the feeling that i should be asking many questions that I am not yet aware of.

Please feel invited to engage!

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Thanks for sharing this @gotjoshua! We’ll take a look at digging in on WNFS vs #dialog. As we discussed today, probably useful to have a call about it to intro everyone and coordinate.

this is a design diagram for a previous incarnation of bygonz that was using dgraph for persistence (and a different much more verbose “Mod” data model)

Most of the diagram still holds true for the current design.

Old codebase is here:

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New codebase is here in our ztax mono repo:

implementation is in the color-schemes demo app:

which is visible live here:


Embedding part of our call with @gotjoshua here:

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I made some progress with bygonz.

Simple vitesse-lite demo on stackblitz (without webnative)

Colors demo now does most of the webnative sync logic in the worker (loaded via blob url):

Very simple (console only) test page

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