Cabal Chat

experimental p2p community chat platform

Enter this key to join the public cabal: cabal://324eee92611cd877841c4de9fd5253e9dba6033329a837ee5f01beb005dffb2f

No servers are needed to join a cabal, or to start your own. Everything is stored and runs locally. A cabal can never go down or be taken away.

A cabal is identified by its secret key (cabal://7d99b453506b974...) that you share with your friends. This key lets them find and join the cabal.

Cabal works over the internet, but also lets you chat over the local network. If offline, you can still browse your full chat history, and send messages that will be sync’d with any future peers you connect to.


Cabal shares the same encryption primitives as DAT. The security parts of How Dat Works is a good summary of how encryption works in cabal as well.


Cable Spec

New cabal wire protocol GitHub - cabal-club/cable: experimental new cabal wire protocol

And #Rust implementation