Carbon-aware computing and green software principles

Cloud-computing, based on massive server farms placed strategically around the world, is said to produce around 3-4% of global greenhouse gases, equivalent to the entire airline industry. Edge-computing is one way to lead to a smaller carbon footprint. But there is a rise of practices and tool out there to make the internet more sustainable. For example:

The Green Software Foundation recently released their annual report covering the State of Green Software. In it you will find a number of resources to build your knowledge and skills, and an analysis showing that about 2000 green software projects are on Github.

To get a quick overview of the report, here is a clip from a recent Environment Variables podcast with the director of the Green Software Foundation:

If you are interested in getting a basic grounding and getting some accreditation, the Linux Foundation has a free 2 hour course you can access here

If you have tools you recommend or other resources to share, especially with regards to edge and local-first computing, please post in the replies!

Oh! And I would also love to share this amazing project:

Today is the LIMITS2023 workshop, they are releasing a lot of papers on the topic.