Causal Islands LA Save the Date March 2024

We’ve got a save-the-date event up for a potential Causal Islands LA event in the third week of March.

Please give us feedback with the questions in the registration, or leave us a comment below.

Venue Research

Controversy on Central LA vs Santa Monica :slight_smile:

Venue needs:

  • 30-80 people (or more?), so very in flux; we had 100++++ (sold out) for LoFi Unconf, but also like 1500 people in town for Strange Loop
  • a “main room” to gather in for presentations
  • a workshop room, that fits 10-20-30 seated with laptops
  • one or more additional spaces to have discussions
  • wifi & power

Some recommendations

Speakers / Discussions / Workshops

We think we can do a mix of lightning talks (15min), speakers (30min - 45min), discussions (45min - 90min), and workshops (90min - 120min)

This is break even style event, so we can’t pay for speaker travel, unless we get some sponsorship.


  • We’ll bring in lunch / include it in the ticket price – need some recommendations!
  • Any evening event will either need to be sponsored or paid for by attendees
  • Budget: @boris will start pulling this together; Partners / Sponsors: for LoFi Unconf, we split things three ways and with tickets covered
  • Video: we won’t be recording unless we get a sponsor for this. If anyone has a reco for LA-based videographers so we can get a quote, please leave a comment!

If it ends up being in Santa Monica, Gjusta Bakery could be a good lunch option.

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Thanks @ryan!

More venue research

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