Commons Conservancy - A home for technology efforts in the public interest

Via Denjell from Tauri

About page:

[The Commons Conservancy] is a foundation (“stichting”) established under the law of The Netherlands on October 21st 2016. It has a rather unusual legal infrastructure, which it governs through an intricate system of regulations. By law the whole system is bootstrapped through its statutes, which are more or less standard legal boilerplate for an organisation of its type, with the noted exception of the following:


So you are responsible for some ‘free and open’ project or effort that is in the public interest. This could be free software/open source, open hardware, open science, open content, etcetera. With open, we mean that you are sharing not just the final end result as something immutable , but you’ve made it part of the ‘Commons’ by explicitly allowing anyone to build and extend on what you’ve created. In legal terms this is normally done through a ‘license’, and each incremental author actually needs to license his or her part.

However, once different people start contributing, managing who can license what becomes cumbersome - especially if you need to make upgrades to a license. Mix in the need to collectively raise funds for promotion, development and maintenance, and you’ve just experienced why people that are involved with larger projects sometimes feel victim to their own success. None of this matters when a project is young, but as soon as it is about to outgrow the original creator it becomes urgent - there is a window of opportunity for quick and effective repair which slowly starts to close once you’ve passed a certain scale, The critical fase of scale up is where we aim to help out.