Customizing the Auth Lobby

Currently, the auth lobby ( takes you to a fission-branded page, with no context of the app you were sent from.

To be friendlier to users, add the ability to modify the branding (banner/logo, colorscheme, etc.) to fit a theme like “APP, powered by Fission” or something similar to let the user know there is a connection between the two.


Winamp skins FTW!

More seriously, yes, I think the basic logo + colour scheme + string of text makes sense as showing a visual connection for users that they are creating a Fission account that gives them access to the app that requested it.

@expede was showing it as a query string and IPFS CID, could also be in your fission.yaml or app manifest.

OMG a shot of liquid nostalgia right in the arm

Yeah, the config for sure. If we want this on, there needs to be some kind of “hook” for that domain (which we have set up with TLS, and so on). This is specifically for liking machines (for early app use case where users don’t have a Fission account yet, and want to know that they’re in the right flow for MyCoolApp)

For linking permissions to an app, it 100% absolutely makes sense to put this in a fission.yaml or the manifest.yaml (or whatever well defined location). Could then also point to that in the first (machine linking) use case with the :thinking: Interesting.