Danvers <> Boris Meeting Notes June 1, 2022

Intro call between Danvers & Boris.

Social Roots is a team building tooling for networked orgs. Reminded Boris of some of the systems and sustainability things that Danvers has worked with. Also: they’re currently grappling with whether or not to open source / how to open source. Might be worth an intro call at some point.

Discourse as a company and a community has its annual Discourse Gives Back here’s the 2017 blog post. We should maybe get in touch with them and certainly activate the Discourse community for a lot of our early plugins.

Really like Dries’s post for his explanation of public/common/etc goods – especially in the context of open source. He thinks of “customers” as a scarce resource.

TODO: Boris has to write up a blog post about how the source code / permissive license is a true public good – zero marginal cost that anyone can copy – but that maintainer time for maintenance, issues, and community is the common good, because it is scarce. And, in that mode, per Ostrom, it should be “fenced”:

What entities do we have at hand?

In no particular order, and for this we should do some whiteboarding (maybe some FigmaJam? could get a group set up), but here are some entities:

  • Community (e.g. Discourse, IPFS, Filecoin)
  • Companies (e.g. Fission)
  • Developer/Maintainer
  • Software/App/Plugin/Library - some nuance here around potentially different approaches
  • Individual – we do want to include the individual for agency. As a user (and presumably fan) of some software or the person that maintains it, and of course “Developers are people too” – developers themselves thinking

Crypto has a whole design space. Some of Fission’s Webnative Compute / WebAssembly work might be an early activity to work on as well.

TODO Also we should at least wiki-fy a platform / tooling list. eg. Open Collective, Github Sponsors, Patreon, Kofi, Gitcoin Grants / Gitcoin Bounties, Radius (in the IPFS/Filecoin space).

TODO Fill out about for Commons Funding WG with our tools / messaging stack.

And, Boris needs to properly log these TODOs in our GH Project board :slight_smile:

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Strong agree on this. I’ve started making a list locally but looking for a place to share/publicize it. I suppose you would say this belongs in Discourse, but you have yet to convince me of that. :wink:

But it definitely belongs somewhere!

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It belongs in this public Discourse working group, yes :wink: