Debugging webnative IPFS peer connections

Webnative connects with IPFS peers through a SharedWorker. Stats on peer connections can be monitored in the shared worker console. These stats can be useful for debugging slow or failing peer connections.

An example of peer connection stats looks like this:

To start monitoring peer connections:

  • Open the shared worker console or the regular worker console in Safari.
    • Chromium-based browsers: chrome://inspect/#workers
    • Firefox: about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox (scroll to shared workers at the bottom)
    • Safari: Bottom right corner in the dev console, select “Marx” worker.
  • Enter await monitorPeers()

Connection status will be displayed every minute or more often if connections are failing and attempting to reconnect.

Monitoring can be turned off by entering stopMonitoringPeers() into the shared worker console.