Default public files for Drive - Creative Commons Music, Videos, and More

We’re working on the final pieces of pushing out the 1.0 release of Fission Drive.

As sample content that anonymous users see and can browse, we’re looking at including some publicly available content.

So, for example, we’ve included a couple of ebook PDFs:

Here’s a screenshot of the album directory of some chiptune music from rolemusic, The Pirate and the Dancer:

I’ll embed the audio of the album title song too:

And we’ve got our own CC-licensed illustrations, like the Haskell Wizards.

And even video, like one of Jonathan Mann’s song-a-day songs, The Red Panda Hop:

The work that @icidasset has done on previews means you can play audio and video directly in Drive, or see big gorgeous previews of the images.

You can browse the current snapshot of what we’re thinking of including in Drive »

Let us know if you have content of your own you’d like to contribute, or suggestions for other openly licensed content.

Via @patdryburgh, Tyler Finck’s CC-BY-SA project

This 52 week project has been a long time coming. After postponing an attempt year after year, I finally sat down during the first week of January 2020 and got started. This was before social distancing and quarantine life. Each track is purely instrumental, and most don’t even have a drum beat (some don’t have any beat). I’ve been inspired over the years by Brian Eno, William Basinski, Clint Mansell, Cliff Martinez, Jon Brion, and others. Clearly I have a thing for soundtracks.

Tracks are available here: