Diffusion Digital: Exploring the Journey from Web 2 to Web 3, Outlier Ventures

Hosted by Outlier Ventures on May 28th, 2020, UK time zone.

Join some of the world’s most exciting elements of the Web 3 ecosystem, for a one-day virtual demo day and more - made up of pitches, talks, panels, and live Q&A. Whether you’re a founder, investor, developer or just have an interest in the space, we welcome you to hear from the people driving the next major web cycle forward.

More info: https://diffusion.events/

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Panel: How do you onboard 99% of developers?

Brooklyn Zelenka @expede will be on a panel at Thursday, May 28, 2020 3:00 PM.

Some of the talking points around Fission’s core principles include:

  • We use browser APIs that are shipping today
  • We make sure the tech that we’re building works in all browsers, including mobile browsers, with no plugins
  • Make the right thing easy