Dion Systems - The How and Why of Reinventing The Wheel

Found via a thread on Twitter kicked off by PVH that is actually about calling out rich Discord communities with minimal websites.

“Don’t change too many different things at once”

DION is a new format for programming languages – calls itself a “compute engine”. Among other things, decouples the user interface from the representation of the code.

Looking forward to listening to this.
In the meantime, of course the wheel needs reinventing because it is pretty much broken. The very idea of programming is broken.
Re-inventing won’t help. As Alan Kay put it, no permutation of a broken wheel will give us a wheel.

Just understand this http://www.chilton-computing.org.uk/inf/pdfs/kay.htm#annotations:11TuOt4oEeie8AsNFbhCaw

This is one of my main obsessions




What if to reach that threshold we have get out of the pink plane all together and change everything in sight?

Abstract Syntax Trees. A good move. But not sufficient,
Perhaps Abstract Syntax Graphs? => MindGraph?

Transition from Human readable presentation of ideas/concepts
to be elaborated into Effective Concepts?
Where the “pun” an expression describing a problem can be interpreted to exhibit intended behavior?

“Use the right structure for the problem”

What’s in a name?

reinventing LISP in a C-like syntax?
that’s not enough

LISP on the DEC 10 had it all
balancing editor
resumable debugger
meta programming, homoiconicity
all occupying 16k of memory on a machine with 256k

Decouple the user interface from the representation of the code
Great idea.

Best way to achieve that is to use means of combinations, and abstractions that is uniform across the way data and the means of manipulating data. Prolog did go down that route, ML etc.

Better still in Meta-Lisp “code” could be serialized into a text file
but everything was just an effective concept and you could just explore the connected neighbourhood and invoke an editor on any of the concepts.

Allas “Language design is not a past time to be entered lightly” John Allen “Anatomy of Lisp”

Pretty much the way MindGraph handles graph nodes today.

The slice idea is great. Corresponds to Ted Nelson Edit Control List

trivially obtained in MindGraph

Yes Intentional Software

NOT programming


Intentional workbench editor