Discord Chat to Discourse Forum Link Posting Bot


A Discord chat system is ephemeral. Posting links there is a great way to gather content, but not so great for keeping as an archive or for long form comments.

Discourse is a great forum system where content can be tagged and discussed long form.

User Impact

Who would want to use this and why?

Anyone that uses both Discord and Discourse, and wants to save links where they can be more easily discovered and commented on.


Configure which channels to check for links.

Configure length of time

Real time, daily and weekly would be good defaults.

Configure archive vs single post.

Archive mode posts an entire new topic with all links posted daily or weekly.

Single posts, posts each link as a new topic.

Configure Discourse posting topic

This could also be a channel to category mapping, and/or also default tags per channel to add.

If you’re looking for a way to archive only specific posts from Discord, it’s possible to listen for comment reactions.

Essentially, listen for message reactions with a specific emoji then archive if not already.

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Nice, so could use an emoji reaction to trigger this, for example.

Exactly. This and whatever else. You could imagine :bulb: being sent to ‘App Ideas’ on Discourse and :beetle: going to ‘Support’ within Discord.

This isn’t an original idea though. I heard about it in a presentation about promoting Rust adoption in an organization. Anything tagged with a :crab: reaction would be cross-posted to a Rust channel. I thought it was a neat way of funneling information to where it’s needed.