Discourse Threads and Web3 Login Proposal for Alchemy GenDAO

Currently, proposals in the Alchemy GenDAO have the Disqus comment system installed. This is great, as building a DAO / submitting proposals shouldn’t waste time in building a brand new commenting software from scratch!

However, Disqus is a centralized system that you need to sign up for, could be blocked at any time, and is generally outside the control of the DAO software stack.

Luckily, Discourse, the open source forum software, has the built in ability to create threads and be embedded in a similar way to Disqus. See the Example of Embedded Discourse Comments below.

That still leaves the issue of maintaining both an Ethereum address as “Account”, and then separately having a comment system identity.

The bulk of the work of this proposal is to write a Web3 Login for Discourse. This will unify the wallet login and the forum login. We have previously documented Ethereum login for Discourse.

The funding asked for will not be enough to cover all of the developer time for this project. We are asking for this as a seed, and will look to have other communities contribute to this project.

Regardless of the amount of outside commitment, FISSION (Boris’ company), will coordinate and pay for the implementation of all of the functionality described.

If excessive funds are raised, Future Potential features will be implemented, until paid developer time is used up.

Proposed Work to be Done

I’m asking for a 2000DAI contribution to upgrade the GenesisDAO / Alchemy.

  • Configure Discourse to embed / cross post proposals (pull requests to Alchemy
  • Write & integrate code for Discourse embedding (Basic Discourse setup)
  • Implement Web3 login for Discourse (Output will be an open source Discourse plugin)

Out of Scope

Comments from Disqus will not be migrated: existing proposals will remain with Disqus threads attached.

Future Potential

WalletConnect login, 3Box Profile linking, and IPFS publishing of Discourse forum posts are all potential future directions that could be built on top of the base Web3 login.

Example of Discourse Embedded Comments

At FISSION, we run Ghost for our blog. Here’s the bottom of the blog post with Discourse comments embedded:

And here’s the list of blog posts with comment threads in the native Discourse forum:

This is the link to the submitted proposal, which also has a Disqus comment thread with some discussion.

This has been approved!

Probably should turn these tasks into stories / issues in the Alchemy GitHub repo https://github.com/daostack/Alchemy

Also, will keep promoting that other people chip in via Gitcoin to cover the cost https://gitcoin.co/issue/increase?pk=15562&network=mainnet

@boris where did this land? Hoping to use for another project.

I never found someone with both Rails/Ember/Discourse skills and Web3 who could pull it off.

I still have 2K DAI I can contribute if you want to take it on, plus the various notes I made.

I may have one person who could do this in his spare time / as a code test for joining Curve Labs. I’ll loop back around!