Displaying and editing devices, which have access to my DID

We have in our omo dapp one access control screen, where we want to display and control the devices, which have access to the DID. Is it already possible to access this data through webnative for displaying, adding and removing access keys?

Device management will be part of user account management.

It’s not clear to me whether it makes sense to make this available programmatically to apps.

Can you tell me more about why you want to manage this for your users? Anything special about device management for your app?

I believe, if I become the sole responsible person, to own and control my self sovereign identity, data (and blockchain “bank” account), it becomes very important, to get the right tools at hand, in order to properly take on this responsibility burden.
When I loose a device, break or change a device, I would love to have an easy and intuitive way to remove access or add a new one. To make accessible, becomes even more important, with shared Shamir Secrets and friend or family social recover guardians or co-signing authorities.
I think it is a generell challenge, not specific to Omo alone and with a reason Ben is working on this :wink:

We’ll always balance users and apps, and generally privilege users over apps. So, device management becomes a user account feature, not an app feature.

Does that make sense?

For maximum control apps may want to run their own instance of the Fission platform, if they are big enough / custom enough.

Yes, understood, lets dive deeper into this on our call.