Distributed Work: Using Discord for Async Communication – Fission

Learn how Fission models its work and communication style on the distributed systems we help build and support.

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It’s interesting to see this, but I was really expecting to see usage patterns, needs, etc. that made more use of Discord-specific features. Things like easy and quick (low friction) voice chat and screen sharing, for example. Do you do any of that with Discord? Everything else you outline is great, but is more practice rather than function, and would be as easily handled or arguably even better in this forum, or a dedicated tool that combines work/project management and comments+status or other async communication.

I realize this is a topic meant for sharing ideas and practices for communication and coordination and you don’t have to “justify” your approach. I believe it works well for you and that’s great. But it could help me understand whether I might want to adopt some of these practices (or recommend them to others) if I have a better sense of why you do them in Discord, specifically. Tool proliferation is a massive issue these days IMO, so I try to avoid it, and I’d love to understand more about your approach here.