DistSys January 2022: A Hundred Impossibility Proofs for Distributed Computing (1989)

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Chat Log

00:29:47 Brendan O’Brien: Came out in 1999!
00:30:42 Na: i think it was 89? based on the date on the ACM page for it
00:31:12 Brendan O’Brien: Erm, sorry, I meant TLA+ coming out in 1999: TLA+ - Wikipedia
00:34:45 Brian: A Theoretical View of Distributed Systems: Nancy Lynch - YouTube
00:35:50 Boris Mann: We’ll set up a space in the Fission forum for posting notes and discussion and share the video there
00:45:27 Brian: Here’s the text that was later published on I/O Automata: https://groups.csail.mit.edu/tds/papers/Lynch/Monograph-second-edition.pdf
00:46:03 Quinn Wilton: We’re trying to achieve consensus on this paper right now
00:46:28 Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede): :stuck_out_tongue:
00:51:02 Jonn Mostovoy: Geoffrey West’s long-anticipated book Scale emerges | Santa Fe Institute
00:51:29 Brendan O’Brien: Amazing. I had not heard of Isabelle, delighted to dig in
00:51:51 Na: https://machinations.io/
00:52:30 Brendan O’Brien: Might have been useful for axie infinity devs
00:53:25 João: What Engineering? Sorry I couldn’t hear
00:53:32 Jonn Mostovoy: Traffic engineering
00:53:33 Brendan O’Brien: Traffic
00:53:38 João: Oh, thanks!
00:54:18 Brendan O’Brien: That’s the quote I’m taking from today
00:55:46 Brendan O’Brien: And a great place to start
00:56:57 Jonn Mostovoy: https://dataintensive.net/
00:59:18 Brendan O’Brien: The jump!
01:00:38 Brendan O’Brien: Great pop-science take on cosmic rays: The Universe is Hostile to Computers - YouTube
01:02:39 Quinn Wilton: Clos network - Wikipedia
01:05:29 James Walker: Why Specifications Don't Compose • Hillel Wayne
01:06:08 Jonn Mostovoy: The TLA+ Home Page to have complete notes
01:06:23 Quinn Wilton: Why Specifications Don't Compose • Hillel Wayne
01:06:35 Jonn Mostovoy: Are these notes going to be attached to the recording?
01:06:52 Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede): Yes they come with the video :slightly_smiling_face:
01:07:27 João: Got go folks, thanks for the amazing conversation and pointers
01:07:44 Na: o/
01:09:58 Brendan O’Brien: Have to jump. Thanks so much hosts! All!
01:10:25 Cliff Brake: thanks everyone – learned a lot!
01:10:44 Gyuri Lajos: Thanks
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