Drand - Distributed Randomness Beacon


Welcome to the brand new website for the drand project! Drand is now in production, providing publicly verifiable randomness as a foundational internet service.

Below you’ll find an introduction to drand, information on recent protocol upgrades, details about the expansion and strengthening of drand’s largest deployment, the League of Entropy, and glimpses into the future of drand and the League of Entropy.

Great example of a “commons infrastructure” service. Available over libp2p gossipsub.

This should also serve as an example of how blockchain-like networks are valuable to be run as a league / federation / cooperative for a number of different purposes. I think the discussion here will continue.

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Wait, sooo cloudfare can stop using lava lamps now?

No, they actually use those lava lamps as their source of entropy. The league all have different sources of random, so combined, drand should be extra random and resilient if any one of the source randoms have issues.

but in theory they could change all their systems to use Drand?