DSys RG Dec 2022: Merge What You Can, Fork What You Can't

December’s Paper: Merge What You Can, Fork What You Can’t (2022)

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Merge What You Can, Fork What You Can’t


Chat Log

00:08:41	Philipp Krüger:	That is about UX and security in browsers and has some guidelines, so perhaps interesting to you :)
00:08:50	Sodium :	:eyes:
00:09:10	Marc-Antoine Parent:	The plane is not leaving
00:19:31	Marc-Antoine Parent:	TreeDB was an old work name; their latest work is under the name of riffle https://riffle.systems
00:20:00	Philipp Krüger:	Oh nice! I was sad about the name "TreeDB" :D
00:24:26	Sodium :	contrast and saturation
00:24:34	bruno:	contrast and saturation
00:25:15	Quinn Wilton:	Is there a godwin's law equivalent for HoTT and this reading group
00:27:29	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Voevodsky’s continuous mentions?
00:29:21	bruno:	Would everything just devolve into I'm just going to make a copy of this thing and make merge decisions in Slack.
00:30:39	Zeeshan Lakhani:	Haha bruno
00:31:17	Sodium :	i was definitely thinking "minimap" but that seems... insufficient and probably kinda gamery
00:36:27	Marc-Antoine Parent:	mega-transactions
00:37:17	Sodium :	more points! more perspectives!
00:37:44	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Is there a root?
00:38:40	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Unless it’s a hard fork :-)
00:39:46	Sodium :	https://francoisbest.com/posts/2021/hashvatars
00:41:12	aesakamar:	Gotta run, thanks for the discussions tho! I really look forward to having this meeting every month! 😄 And thanks to @Zeeshan and @Brooklyn for organizing it all~
00:42:10	bruno:	Why are we collaborating/sharing this thing in the first place?
00:42:11	Marc-Antoine Parent:	I think the AI can indeed help with merging. The point of the paper is to make sure the merge remains an explicit user action
00:44:09	Quinn Wilton:	https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C41B7UWWIAAWRCY
00:44:40	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Amen!
00:46:06	Philipp Krüger:	That didn't load for me quinn, but this did: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C41B7UWWIAAWRCY?format=jpg&name=medium
00:46:34	Austin Saunders:	Re: what Marc-Antoine said before - I think there’s another consideration on the UI side that just because something is mergeable, should it be merged and passing that management system to the users is a whole other problem haha
00:47:28	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Austin: Absolutely. OTH… asking the user to micromanage every merge can become annoying… so minimize
00:47:32	Sodium :	"Alice has moved to another picture album universe"
00:47:36	Philipp Krüger:	"Hey, Bob also worked on this!"
00:47:47	Quinn Wilton:	"1 new notification: everything is wrong now, just fyi"
00:48:02	Philipp Krüger:	"Alice pokes you to finally merge your changes into main" lol
00:48:24	Quinn Wilton:	"Craig has requested your review on SHOPPING LIST MERGE"
00:48:29	Philipp Krüger:	LOL
00:48:30	Marc-Antoine Parent:	The multiverse is now beyond coherence
00:49:03	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Proposing merges is totally in scope
00:49:27	Blaise Pabon:	Sorry I have to drop, thank you all so much!
00:49:32	Sodium :	\o
00:51:29	Quinn Wilton:	https://ottertune.com/
00:53:01	Marc-Antoine Parent:	And then people had to reinvent semaphores over mongo...
00:53:24	Philipp Krüger:	https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defensive_programming
00:53:25	Marc-Antoine Parent:	You can’t really get rid of transactionality
00:54:37	Quinn Wilton:	And that the initial designers of the system don't need to impose all the metaphors and affordances up front, because those can emerge from the users based on their pain points
00:54:48	Marc-Antoine Parent:	+1
00:54:49	Sodium :	:100:
00:55:47	Philipp Krüger:	The section I referred to: https://riffle.systems/essays/prelude/#crdts-as-queries
00:56:50	Marc-Antoine Parent:	We all contain multitudes
00:56:52	Zeeshan Lakhani:	Yep, great point/link Philipp.
00:57:05	Sodium :	love the "other people can be past & future you" model
00:57:30	Eleanor:	Git for personal use is amazing, and I strongly recommend if you enjoy breaking your own code
00:57:43	Philipp Krüger:	Yeah. I think today people usually use "copying to a scratch space" or "lets try this and Ctrl+Z tirelessly afterwards" today. And having actual forking may be better
00:58:03	Sodium :	i mean, "copying to a scratch space" seems like a good model for thinking about it even
00:58:07	Zeeshan Lakhani:	yep
00:58:14	Sodium :	because that's basically what you're doing
00:59:03	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Fauconnier mental spaces
00:59:04	Philipp Krüger:	Yeah agree Eleanor! Git is such an improvement even for personal work, I basically default to git nowadays
00:59:17	Marc-Antoine Parent:	+1
00:59:52	Quinn Wilton:	Similar to Marc-Antoine's suggestion is Foucault's idea of heterotopias: https://web.mit.edu/allanmc/www/foucault1.pdf
00:59:54	Eleanor:	It really re-emphasizes how helpful a tool like this is for collaborating with yourself as Quinn was describing
00:59:58	Quinn Wilton:	https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterotopia_(space)
01:01:45	Quinn Wilton:	> Mary Franklin-Brown uses the concept of heterotopia in an epistemological context to examine the thirteenth century encyclopedias of Vincent of Beauvais and Ramon Llull as conceptual spaces where many possible ways of knowing are brought together without attempting to reconcile them.
01:02:09	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Ah, interesting, thanks for that!
01:04:45	Marc-Antoine Parent:	Probably worth balancing both
01:07:33	Marc-Antoine Parent:	I got a lot from a lot of different kinds of papers. I think variety is good.
01:07:51	Eleanor:	I liked the September paper (Impossibility), but that's also about when I joined


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