Dweb Open Coworking Vancouver Thursday Sept 26th

Hey all! We’ve got @dholms visiting Vancouver this week, so thought we’d do an afternoon of Decentralized Web / IPFS / Web3 Coworking.

Our live/work building has a coworking room with a big communal table, wifi, etc. that we can hang out in.

We’ll spend a couple of hours working and chatting, and then we can head over to Brassneck or Main Street Brewing for an after work beer.

When: 3pm - 5pm, Thursday, Sept 26th
Where: 250 East 6th Avenue

Leave a comment below if you’re going to swing by.

P.S. Since Stv asked, yes, you can work on whatever you like the “open” co-working also means anyone is welcome to come by and hang out!

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