Edge Apps and Elixir

After @expede’s ElixirConf talk (blog post link coming soon), we’ve had a number of people stop by our Discord chat wanting to learn more.

We’re putting together an event, right now tentatively scheduled 2021-11-10T17:00:00Z, to have an open discussion and knowledge sharing about how local first, data at the edge apps can play nicely with Elixir, and what other tech stacks to add.


We’re going to get better about using the #edge-computing tag to curate resources and articles. We don’t really use edge apps as a tag…because everything Fission does powers edge apps.

Tyler Jewell’s post from May 2021 is a giant overview that includes Fission:

Our friends at Ink & Switch wrote this inspiring post that we use as the basis of a lot of our thinking:

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