Element (Matrix Client) "Secure Backup" Screenshots

Using the web-based “Element” app to connect to Matrix servers, I took screenshots of the prompt to setup Secure Backup. This is equivalent to Fission’s Account Recovery. → account recovery is probably the right name for the recovery half of this process. Secure Backup as the name of storing recovery codes is good.

A couple of notes:

User can choose between a secure key and a security phrase. → Why have a choice? We will default to a key.

Main login into Matrix is via username and password. Password must be re-entered in order to download secure backup. → Good argument for kicking off account recovery code storage with an email flow, to re-verify that the current user has access to the email associated with the account

Messaging has copy or download of key. → Same comment as above, why a choice? We may display the phrase so advanced users can copy, but will default and prompt UX for download.

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