Fairdrop by the Fair Data Society


First project from the Fair Data Society which we linked to in FISSION Fragments 1. It’s a file transfer application that doesn’t require user accounts and stores / sends data using the Ethereum network and the Swarm decentralized storage network.

Whereas centralised solutions rely on personal data like an email address Fairdrop’s unique feature is the built-in mailbox that each user has to create. These mailboxes serve as a sort of personal server where data can be stored, sent from or received to.

They’re the first step to creating a truly private personal storage. Think of it as the first step to your very own digital safe zone to which only you will have access to. Fairdrop also has a simple export/import function through which you can export your mailbox into a practical json file. You can then take this file and upload it on any other computer anywhere.

On Github https://github.com/fairDataSociety/Fairdrop

There’s also a blog post from March:

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